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This page is about setting up your Experiment.

View all Experiments

  • In the left sidebar, select Experiments to overview all your Experiments.
  • They are divided over 3 tabs: Active, Inactive and Archived.

Each tab is a category.

  • Active
    • Active Experiments include alternative designs (Variations). These are your tests currently running.
  • Inactive
    • Experiments that are still being set, or those waiting for Variations, are on the Inactive-tab.
  • Archived
    • Completed Experiments and those that were stopped will moved to Archived.

Set or Edit Experiment details

  • Edit existing Experiments by selecting one, which takes you to the Report-tab. Click Edit Experiment in the top bar. Or from the list, use the Edit Experiment-button behind each Inactive or Archieved Experiment.
  • For new Experiments you will find the same Edit Experiment-button following the steps in + Create Experiment.

Basic Info

Basic info is to set the Experiment type, to choose Network or Private Experiment, to select the Device target of your website and to specify the rules for new design proposals.
Visit Basic info for all details.


Targets is to enter URLs of pages you will be testing and of Variations you want to use.
In Targets you will find all information.


Goals is where you decide what you want to measure in the Experiment. Click a Sign-up button and reach the Sign-up page, add items to shopping cart or any other action you want from your visitors.
For more, go to Goals

More options

More options is to set further specifics. Session duration, edit the confidence level used to decide significant difference, connect external tools like Google Analytics, and more.
All features are found in More options

Check list

Check list is where you find all settings of an Experiment in one place. Easy overview to spot mistakes in your set-up.
Look at Check list to see how this supports you.

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