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This page explains about how to use Marketplace.

What is Marketplace?

Marketplace is the world’s largest data library function that enables you to search website optimizations done through Kaizen Platform and utilize those accumulated data for your further optimizations.
You can now filter and search offers by industry, page type, and conversion type in Marketplace.
Also, optimizers can choose offers that they want to participate and create variations.

Select filtering conditions

In Marketplace, you can filter and list offers using the following conditions.
※ Depending on the browsing authority you have, there might be some offers that may not show up.

  • Offer type (Network, Targeting, Specialized, Private etc.)
  • Device type (All device, Smartphone only etc.)
  • Status (Test in preparation, In round, Archived)
  • Language (English, Japanese)

In Marketplace, you can also search using the search box.
You can type in anything in the box and search experiences you would like to see.

Filtering by tag

Industry Marketplace (Finance, Real estate, Job searching etc.) enables you to filter and list offers that fit to following each tag.

  • Page type (Landing, Entry form etc.)
  • CV type (Purchase items, Reservation, Inquiry etc.)

You can change industry tag in Organization setting page, page type in Experience setting page and CV type in Goal setting page.

Sort function

Marketplace of descending order of improvement rate can be rearranged to any of the followings.

  • Order from the closest deadline
  • Order from the newest or the oldest created date
  • Order from the highest or the lowest number of variations
  • Order by title

Tag setting

Industry tag setting

Industry tag for filtering in Marketplace refers to tags set to an organization that created each offer.
You can edit industry tag for your organization in Organization setting page.

You can change industry tag in the industry tag field in the page above.

Page type tag setting

You can change page type tag that is used to filter offers in Marketplace, in basic info tab in each offer (experience) setting page.

You can change page type tag in the page tag field in the page above.

CV type tage setting

You can change CV type tag that is used to filter offers in Marketplace, in each goal setting page.

Check tags set to each offer (experience)

You can check tags (Industry, Page type and CV type) set to each offer (experience,) in each offer (experience) detailed page.

※ Default tags have been set by Kaizen Platform based on customer use. If you wish to change tags, you can do so on the Settings page.

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