Review and Adopt Variations

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This page explains reviewing and adopting of design Variations.

Reviewing a design Variation

There are 2 review types:

Ops check:to make sure that the Optimizer created a fully functional UX and UI

Tech check:to make sure that there are no issues with JavaScript and StyleSheet

A posted Variation that cannot pass the Ops check or the Tech Check will be remanded (rejected).

Ops Check

When an Optimizer creates a design Variation for an Experiment posted on the Marketplace, the UX and UI related subjects of this Variation are first checked. Before the client gets to see it. All functions, for example links and buttons, compatibility with browsers (IE, Google Chrome, Fire Fox and Safari) and adaption to mobile screens, are tested in theOps Check.

Tech Check

The tech Check follows the _Ops Check, making sure that links and parameters still work, and dynamical elements still function.

Remand (Reject)

If any issues come to light in the Ops Check or Tech Check, the Variation is remanded (rejected) and the Optimizer informed of what needs attention. In case of a remanded Variation, the Optimizer is contacted by email.

Adoption of Variations

A design Variation created by an Optimizer for a Network Experiment of a Client can be selected to partake in the Experiment. Being selected is called Adoption. Variations posted by Optimizers for new rounds also have to pass the Kaizen Platform Tech Check. On a Private offer however, the Ops Check and Tech Check are not performed.

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