Sharing data with Adobe Analytics

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This page is about how to share Experiment results with Adobe Analytics.

Sharing data with Adobe Analytics(ex-SiteCatalyst)

To share information with Adobe Analytics follow this procedure:

Select Edit Experiment and next the More Options-tab.

Look for the 3rd Party Integrations, which includes a section on Adobe Analytics. Tick the box to link. Enter theVariable names for example eVar72,prop44 in the field. Multiple variables should be separated by comma (,). Clicksave when completed.

To run a test and make sure it works, add the following code to the HTML:

try { kzs("activateSiteCatalyst"); } catch(e) {}

Add the code like this:

  • After the Kaizen Platform JavaScript snippet
  • After the Adobe Analytics JS File (s_code.js)
  • Before the Adobe Analytics transmission code (s.t())

The code kzs("activateSiteCatalyst") informs Adobe Analytics that s is the Variation ID of the Experiment.

An example of the flow:

  • Visitors come to the Experiment URL
  • The Experiment ID for this test is 100355
  • The variable entered in the Link with Adobe Analytics-field is eVar72
  • The Variation ID for the applied Variation is 102222
  • As a result, the value s.eVar72 is given to Exp_100355_Variation_102222

Where to find the details:

  • In the list with all Variations, the name and ID of the original design are Original design, with the value -1
  • Select an Experiment to see the Experiment ID. It is mentioned before the Experiment name, at the top of the page

  • The design Variation ID is mentioned at the top of each thumbnail, on the Report and Variations-tabs.

  • You can assign variable only with the URL to be tested.
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