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This page explains how to create/manage goal to be used in experience.

Setting experience goal

First, go to Experiment Settings then to Goals tab. You can set what you want to measure in the experiment there including page visit and amount of clicks. Goals indicate Reaching the Sign-up page, Adding items to shopping cart or any other actions visitors should take.

The Primary goal is used as a benchmark to find the significant difference by comparing conversion rates and to judge winner/loser of the round. You can also add another measurement points in addition to the primary goal and you can find all of those in reports. understanding reports.

Create Goal

First, add goal in Goal management screen.

If you select Goal Management from the menu on the right side of the screen, you will see the list of goals. PressCREATE A NEW GOAL button that you can find on the right top of Goal Management screen.

When Page visit is the goal (CV,) select Page visit in Goal type in Goal detail screen, select simple match in Include these URLs then enter the URLs that you would like to include. If you save the goal, that will be added as a new goal.

When you would like to measure amount of clicks of visitors, select Click tracking in Goal type in Goal detail screen. You need to edit HTML of the link or the form you would like to measure to track clicks.

Setting example (Goal identification number will be included in XXX)

<!-- link -->
<a href="..." data-kz-track-on-click="XXX">この商品をカートに入れる</a>
 <!-- form -->
<form action="...">
  <button type="submit" data-kz-track-on-click="XXX">会員登録する</button>
 <!-- any other element -->
<div data-kz-track-on-click="XXX">資料を請求する</div>

Set Primary goal and Measurement point

Goal needs to be associated as Primary goal or Measurement point.

You can associate goal in Experience settings. First, press Edit Experience button and display Experience settingscreen.

When you would like to associate a goal as Primary goal, go to the pull down Primary goal in Goal settings and select a goal you have created. You can complete setting the goal as Primary goal for the experience by saving the experience. Win/lose of experience will be judged based on CVR (conversion rate) of Primary goal.

When you would like to measure CVs at multiple points in the website, you can add measurement points as Goal 2, Goal 3 etc. You can set those by selecting Goal 2, Goal 3 etc. from each pull down and complete settings by saving the experience. Keep in mind that the conversion of Primary goal determines the result of experience.

Delete Goal

You can delete unnecessary goals from the list.

To delete goal, press the button located in the right side of the goal you would like to delete in the list of Goals in Goal management screen. Then, Confirmation screen will be displayed so if there is no problem with it, press OK button to delete the goal.

You cannot delete the goal that is set as Primary goal. If you delete the goal then reports related to the goal set to the experience will also be deleted.
Once you delete goal, you cannot undo what you did. Please double check before deleting any goal.

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