Operate a Round

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This page shows how to Pause, Clear or End a Round from the Report-tab.

Operate a Round

On the Report-tab, the first section is the Round Report showing the current Round. Its (sliding) top bar shows 3 buttons: Pause, Clear and End.


Pause a round at any time. This will also hold all measurements, like visitors and conversions. Already measured data will be saved.

When a round is paused, a Resume-button will replace the Pause-button. Use it to restart the round at any time.


To return to the situation before a round was started, use the Clear-function. This stops the Experiment and all gathered data will be lost.
Use this function for example when an Experiment was started by accident, or to restart when an Experiment is not performing as expected.


End a round at any time. Once End is clicked, the Variation with the highest conversion rate will be set as the new base design for a next round., regardless wether a significant difference was reached or not.
If there would be no difference in conversion rate, the base design of the this round will be used again as the base design for a next round.


When a round is completed, an Interval period starts. This is the time to prepare new design Variations for the next round. During the Interval, the latest Round Winner is set as the base design.

Emergency stop

Use the Emergency Stop to immediately disable the JavaScript connection between your pages and Kaizen Platform servers. How? Click the Empty out your JavaScript File-button.

Note that using this function will also affect all other Experiments of the same organization.

To find the Emergency Stop, select Settings in the left side bar, and next the JS Snippet-tab. The red Empty out your JavaScript file-button is at the bottom of the page.

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