2016-03-01 Kaizen platform now allows customers to edit variations after being used in round

We had received requests from our customers that they would like to edit variations submitted by optimizers swiftly when they find any issues and inconveniences in those .
With this update, our customers are now also able to edit variations after being used in round.
Please be noted that variations that our customers are able to edit are only limited to those which have already been used in round (variations which intellectual property have been transferred by Content Transfer Agreement.)

In other word, variations before being used in round are not subject to this update.

*If you are in the process of requesting an optimizer to edit variation, please cancel the request and edit by yourself to avoid any confusions.

Please also be noted that the design check will not be conducted on any variations edited by customers. So please edit and apply those at your own risk.

Thank you for using Kaizen Platform. If you have any questions please contact us through our contact form or chat.

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