Experiment cycle

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This page explains the whole cycle of an Experiment.

Before starting your Experiment

To start an Experiment on Kaizen Platform K2, you just need these 3 things:

  • Experiment page URL (the page you will test)
  • Goal page URL (the page where you measure your goal)
  • your Kaizen Platform K2 account

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Create an Experiment

After opening your account, let’s start the first Experiment!
In create Experiment you find all details about starting an A/B test.

Set your Experiment

After creating your Experiment you should set the goal and parameters of your test.

Experiment settings is where you go to learn all about this.

Create Variations

To perform an A/B test you will need alternative designs, called Variations. In Kaizen Platform K2 we call the part of the test where Variations are compared rounds.

In create Variations you find all about making these alternative designs.

Select Variations to use in a round

Once you have one or several Variations, you need to decide which one(s) to use in a round.

To better understand this part of the process, go to selecting Variations.

Start a round

You have now selected your Variations. It is time to start a round and get some test results!

Start of a test round contains more information about rounds.

Use the reports

Your Experiment is running and Kaizen Platform reports will show you exactly what is happening.

In reports we explain how to work with this information.

End of a round

After a significant difference is found, let’s stop the Experiment.

Read about end of a round in operating a round.

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