Manage domains for cookies

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This page is about the function of Kaizen Platform cookies on the website.

Manage domains for cookies

Manage domains for Cookies is where to control the tracking of visitors during an Experiment.
Kaizen Platform automatically detects root domains (e.g.: the Experiment URL and the Goal URL. We set root domain cookies that follow visitors also across any subdomain. For example visitors on who move to can still be tracked.

If your website restricts saving cookies in the root domain, please add your domain by clicking the Add domain-button. Select Settings in the left sidebar and next the JS Snippet-tab in the topbar. On the right side of the bar manage domains for cookies is the + Add Domain-button.

Enter the required root domain and save.

Automatically setting your root domain

If the above manual steps are not followed, Kaizen Platform will automatically detect your root domain for you. A Cookie will be added and visitors tracked in this domain and its sub-domains.
Example: for We try to add a Cookie in this order:


Adding a Cookie to will fail. is next and will succeed . Therefore is no longer required as it is part of

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