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This page is about setting up a Split URL test.

About split tests

On certain URLs it is possible to perform a split test without using the UI editor.

Page A:
Page B:
Page C:

In case of the 3 above URLs, simply set each as a different URL to redirect visitors to.
That way it works as if there are 3 different pages.

  1. Land on page A
  2. Before seeing page A, get redirected to page B
  3. See page B

But, it takes time to redirect and it costs processing speed on both desktop and mobile devices.
Besides, there is the possibility that Page A will still briefly show before page B appears.

A Split URL test is a great option if:

  • the original page and Variations to use in the test are in an HTML format already so you don’t need to use the Kaizen Platform UI editor.
  • the page to test contains dynamic elements (e.g. Ajax-elements) which cannot be edited in the Kaizen Platform UI editor.

Example: to test a page with Ajax which cannot be edited using the UI editor

Example: to test changing items of a form, which cannot be edited using the UI editor

How to create a Split URL test

  1. Create a new Experiment or select an existing one to edit. Next, on the Experiment settings-page, select Edit Experiment details.
  2. Under Basic info, there is Experiment type. Select Split URL test and Save.
  3. In the next screen, top right, click + Add Variation URL and enter the Alter page URL. Click Add this URL. Repeat the steps to add more Variations.


I cannot change the Experiment type after creating it. Is this a bug? A: No. Kaizen Platform doesn’t allow to change the Experiment type after posting a design Variation. If you want to change a Split URL Test to an A/B test using Kaizen Platform UI editor, please create a new Experiment.
Q: What happens if a visitor loads the same page twice during a Split URL test? A: Kaizen Platform stores the visitors data in a cookie. This cookie will direct the browser to load the same page on the second visit. This will prevent a visitor from being shown a different page every time they visit the site.
Q: What to do if visitors set a bookmark during the Split URL test? A: When a Split URL test is running, a visitor might bookmark one of the test pages. Once the Split Test is concluded, bookmarked page might be removed. For the visitor to still reach the page, we suggest to redirect removed pages to the remaining page, after the test is completed. If page A is chosen and B/C are removed, set a redirect from the URL of page B and C to page A.
Q: I would like to perform SEO for the different URLs. How to do this? A: We suggest using rel="canonical". More details are here.
Q: If there are one or more parameters in the URL that you set in the Create Experiment-screen, will they be carried over to the redirect target page? A: Yes. They will be carried over.
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