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This page is about how to use Kaizen Platform in a team, and together improve your website.

Organizations(roles and authorities)

A team that together improves the performance of a website is called organization in Kaizen Platform.
An organization can consist of an Owner, Administrator and Members which each have different roles, access and authorities.
Please look at this table.

Management of child organizations - -
Confirmations of payment -
Management of Membership -
Create Experiments -
Create design Variations

To adjust roles and authorities in your organization, select Settings in the left sidebar, and next the Manage Memberships-tab in the topbar.

Each member can have more than 1 role.


The Owner in Kaizen Platform has the highest position and authority. This could be the person who holds responsibility over teams and budget.
In Kaizen Platform, an Owner has the following authorities:

  • an Owner has the same authorities as an Administrator. Additionally, an Owner handles:
  • management of child organizations
    • the Owner of the parent organization is automatically also Owner of any child-organizations


An Administrator could be a person who handles planning and teams. For example managers and marketing managers.
Administrator authority is like this:

  • An Administrator has the same authorities as a Member. Additionally, an Administrator can:
  • manage roles of members
  • create Experiments
  • decide about using Variations
  • handle planning and payment information


Members could be people who understand the company processes. For example designers and engineers.
In Kaizen Platform, members can:

  • create Variations (alternative designs)
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