Set up the two-factor authentication

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This page explains how to set up the two-factor authentication provided by Kaizen Platform Inc.

What is the two- factor authentication?

The two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized login by means of two-step authentication: ID/password and authentication code.
Once you set up the two-factor authentication, your registered mobile device will receive an authorization code when you login to Kaizen Platform and you will not be able to login the same without an authentication code.

How to set up the two-factor authentication

Account setting > Security: Open the two-factor authentication setting screen.

You can use three types of apps: Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile and Authenticator. Please follow the steps in the screen and set up the two-factor authentication.

1. Install the authentication app in your mobile device

  • Android: Google Play store
  • iOS: App Store
  • Black Berry: Black Berry

2. Set up using the authentication app in your mobile device

Start the app you installed, read the QR code and register the account for Kaizen Platform.

3. Input the code

Input the 6-digit numbers shown in the authentication app and click VERIFY CODE.

About the recovery code

Once you registered the two-factor authentication, please make sure to download the recovery code. You will need the recovery code to recover your account when you lost your mobile device and cannot obtain the two-factor authentication code.

You can also download the backup code form the same two-factor authentication page after registering the two-factor authentication.

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