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This page is about creating an account and managing account authorities.

Create an Account

There are 2 types of Accounts.

  • Optimizer account (free of charge): this account is only to submit design proposals
  • Organization account (paid): this account is to perform A/B testing Experiments

Optimizers can registrer here: Create an Optimizer account

To create an Organization account, send a request to our service desk. Please include your contact name and the URL of your website.

To add members to your organization in Kaizen Platform K2, please follow the same steps as in the previous version. See how in manage account authorities of that version.

Manage account authorities

From your account you can run Experiments for several, different organizations.

Main functions

Function nameDescription
Create or delete organizations For creating or deleting organizations, please contact our service desk.
Manage Memberships Membership management including adding or deleting members.
Manage roles Manage rights and access of members in an organization.

Organization types

Organization typeDescription
Parent organization Main organization, which could hold sub organizations (child)
Child organization (Multiple) organizations under a parent organization

Membership roles and authorities

At Membership roles and authorities you find more about roles and a authorities that different members can have in your organization.

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