Use a Dynamic link for a post

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This page explains how to use a Dynamic link for a post.

Considerations before using the Edit HTML

The Kaizen Platform UI editor will edit the HTML of the target element if this function is selected. Links that contain the<a>-tag will be dynamic; they are only valid for the selected element and code.

On the target site, links used for Variations should also be dynamic. To avoid problems with static links, a link can be overridden.

$("#registration").html("<p>Join nowぐ<a href=\"/regist?track_id=1234\">Membership registration</a></p>")

If the target site has a track_id containing the parameter value 1234 a problem occurs.

To solve this problem, re-enter the original link. Select the JavaScript-tab at the bottom left of the UI editor to make the correction.

$("#registration").html("<p>Join nowぐ<a href=\"" + $("#registration a").attr("href") + "\">Membership registration</a></p>")

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